Why you might be needing a turnstile someday

The small business operator has often overlooked this imperative at his peril. Because he was just a one-man operator and because his costs were so minimal, not to mention his profit takings, if he made any profit at all, he never bothered to think about security at all. If he was running his business from home, maybe Fido could take care of security for now. His howling bark would raise the alarm. But what if one day Fido lost his voice.

And what if the business suddenly started to grow? It can even happen for the tardy operator mentioned in this article’s first paragraph. Old habits die hard and there remains a tendency to operate a little on the cheap side. Relying on an unqualified and unregistered security guard, no more than a casual for hire, is a recipe for disaster. And even if the professionals were being used, human error always has a nasty habit of coming through the back door.

Cut to the chase and cut the costs by having your very own turnstile security system installed. By doing this, no-one is suggesting that you discard other security measures. What should matter the most is keeping your small to medium sized business intact. It goes beyond just security. Think of this as a good way to install disaster or risk management. Of course, it remains the case that it very much depends on what kind of business you are operating.

But in accordance with your business and as your foot traffic (should) grows, you are better placed to manage and control the crowds. Whether for security purposes to prevent pilfering or to avoid a stampede during an emergency, the turnstile is a tried and tested tool.