Customize It

Branding is everything these days. How you put yourself out there has a direct effect on how well your brand does in the market. Whether you are a large corporation or a small startup or even a home business, marketing and branding is everything. This is something I figured out the hard way.

Having recently been retrenched from my office job which I had been employed at it for the past 10 years, I had to find something to do to bring in money. I had a family to feed and work was few and far between. Nobody was hiring right now. I started to think of what I could do that could keep me around my kids when they came home from school. I always wanted to spend more time with them but my career never allowed it. Now was my chance. I sat thinking about all the hopes and dreams I had before I started at the big corporation. I was so creative and I knew that once I started again the juices would flow.

I started a little jewelry company, a brand of my own. I loved semi-precious stones and gems and incorporated that into my jewelry. At first sales were very slow. I didn’t have a nice packaging or a label the showed the name of my company or details. For months I relied on word of mouth and business was slow. One day I came across a company on the web that makes custom stickers and it is as if the penny dropped. I needed custom product labels to advertise and promote my wares.

I designed something amazing, uploaded the artwork and a free review. I was given advice on how to tweak the design to make it catchy. I included my brand name and contact details. Each and every order now went off with my personal bit of advertising. Business has been booming and I spend most of my days doing what I absolutely love while still spending time with my children. I will never miss another important milestone but I can still provide a lifestyle which sees my family comfortable.